Waddup, Tumblr! The name's Mike. Everbody calls me Vig because it's a shortened version of my last name. My friends and family are the most important thing in my life; without them, I don't know where I'd be. I love ice hockey, I live and breathe it. Once I step on the ice, nothing else matters, it's the greatest feeling. I'm from Long Island, NY. Islanders, Jets, Mets, and Knicks fan. My taste in music has a pretty wide range. And yeah, that's about it! To learn more about myself, not like you would wanna or anything, just fill up the ask box!


Anonymous asked
doggy style?

As long as I am not on the receiving end? Yeah sure why not

Anonymous asked
If you didnt have a crush on Teresa you two could still be friends

No crush, no relevance to my life anymore, chica

Anonymous asked
Do you still love/likeTeresa?

I guess I still care about her, but none of the matters anymore, papi




I don’t like sports, but the Bearcats are my new favorite team.

This guy is perfect.

Reminder that baseball is perfect.